InterNACHI certified Home Inspectors find that water damage is the number one home destroyer on record. Water damage costs thousands of dollars in repairs to homeowners across the country. Water issues arise from leaky plumbing, wind-driven rain, and snow every year. This can lead to costly repair and remodel costs if not caught early.

A dedicated InterNACHI Home Inspector goes above and beyond the Standards of Practice for their clients, ensuring that they receive the best value for their money. My motto is, “I treat all my clients like family”. Welcome to the family!​


Inspecting the interior & exterior of your property thoroughly.


Keep Your business running with a facility wide inspection

New COnstruction

Make sure your new additions & construction are up to code.

Heating & Cooling

Keep your property’s temperature the way you want it.



My life experiences have led me to live in many homes over the last 50 years, including a warehouse, a log home and a 100 year old cottage. This has given me the chance to see many styles of home systems over the years. Having pride in places that I rented back then helped me learn about proper home maintenance and always get my deposits back.

I have a long work history that includes customer service in retail sales and outfitting, guiding and program development along with property maintenance and management. Angus Morrison Services, LLC is here to advise and guide my clients to attain positive outcomes for your property goals.

Brought up with a strong family background in leadership, I was naturally drawn to guiding when I moved to Colorado in 1996. I worked as a snowmobile and then rock climbing guide for over 10 years, which taught me the value of good communication skills and to share my insights with others. I also co-founded

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committed to finding solutions

Over 25+ Years of Experience

I constantly seek new facts, information, and skills through both experience and education. Through experience, I learned that I am a “Doer” with “a thirst for knowledge”. I am an avid outdoorsman and know a little something about almost everything! I relish backcountry snowboarding and skiing, rock climbing, mountaineering, fly fishing, backpacking and river SUP in my free time. I am also a lifelong guitarist and expert skateboarder.

After 25+ years of living in the Colorado high country I realize my purpose is to share my wealth of experience toward your process. Sharing and teaching are my passions, whether modeling proper foot placement while rock climbing or informing a homeowner where the water shut-off is located in their crawlspace. For years I have been guiding and showing people the way toward their goals.

​Let Angus Morrison Services, LLC help you find and solve your problems with a common sense approach to home safety and maintenance. I am committed to finding solutions that are inclusive of all parties involved. Keep my company, Angus Morrison Services, LLC, in mind when you have friends or family that could use an honest and reliable home inspection or property assessment.